World Oceans Day 2021 Artist Competition Terms & Conditions

Entries must be submitted as JPG digital files online.

Files under 5MB are more likely to upload properly.
Entrants should be prepared to send a hi-resolution print-quality replacement file should their entry be selected as a Winner by x; detailed requirements will be provided at that time.
All works must be original. “Original” means that the work must be from the hand of a single artist; pieces that originate from a workshop or a class under the direction of a teacher are not eligible. For works based on reference photographs, eligibility requires that the artist must have taken the photographs or have obtained written permission from the photographer to create the work and to enter it in the Contest. Compositions based on published material or other artists’ work are NOT considered original and are not eligible.
By entering, you represent and warrant that your entry is your original work, that your entry does not infringe the rights of any third party, and that you have all the rights necessary to submit the entry and to assign the rights in the entry. Works deemed unsuitable for publication or that do not meet above criteria, in the sole discretion of Sponsor, are not eligible. Works previously published at the time of submission to this contest in a national publication or receiving an award at a national-level exhibition are not eligible.
By entering, you grant to COA, royalty-free right to use the entry on COA non-profit promotional products, and in ads promoting future competitions, without further permission, compensation, or notification.  You further agree that COA shall have the right, but not the obligation, to use your name and/or photograph for the same purposes. Final size of art will be reprinted at sizes up to 18” wide x 24” high – if art does not match format, some cropping may be necessary.

Please reach out to Olivia Smith, Development Coordinator, with any questions, concerns, or submission issues.