Land to Sea Speaker Series

The Land to Sea Speaker Series is a monthly initiative aiming to inspire and empower the local community in actionable steps to improve our local environment. Prominent figures from our RI environmental network will share their work, leaving our Aquidneck Island community members with background knowledge of our vibrant coastal ecosystems and the tools to change our behaviors from “normal” to responsible. Speakers will highlight projects and policies that discuss local water quality impairments and improvements, how composting can be used as a tool to improve ocean health, and how nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies are working together to address these issues.

Thank you to the Island Foundation and Amgen Foundation for funding the Land to Sea Speaker Series and making it possible to highlight the amazing and important work that is being accomplished within our community to improve ocean health!  

About the Series

Below is the information for each speaker, and the date that they will be speaking. Click the link to sign up for the virtual webinar!

Environmental Protection Agency:

    • Christine Beling, Team Leader for Sustainable Materials Management (SMM)
Christine joined the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA New England) in 1994, after serving with the EPA in Region 2 and Headquarters, and with a private consulting firm and the Department of Energy in Washington D.C. She is the Team Leader for the Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) program and a member of the Land, Chemicals and Redevelopment Division. Chris provides technical assistance and outreach on SMM priorities to New England State and local governments, businesses and institutions. Chris currently manages over $2 Million in grants for New England stakeholders in a variety of programs including Healthy Communities, Anaerobic Digestion Capacity Building, Pollution Prevention and Brownfields. Chris holds a B.S in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University. About Their Talk Christine is the EPA Team Leader for Sustainable Materials Management (SMM), a systemic approach to using and reusing materials more productively over their entire life cycles, spoke about her work with the RI Food Policy Council, Newport Housing Authority and other RI Stakeholders to create a social marketing campaign about the benefits of saving food and composting true food waste. The goal of the project was to grow empower the local community by focusing on food waste reduction, while engaging households in data collection and using tools from EPA’s Food Too Good To Waste program to better understand their waste footprints. Christine also discussed waste management and recycling issues at large and the EPA's priorities for addressing these issues.
Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management:
    • Jenny Paquet, Senior Environmental Planner, RIDEM Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program

Jennifer Paquet is a senior environmental planner with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s (RIDEM) Office of Water Resources. She is in the Nonpoint Source Pollution Program where she focuses on watershed planning and policies and regulations pertaining to low-impact development. Prior to joining RIDEM, she was the town planner for the rural town of West Greenwich for 15 years where, among many other things, she reviewed site plans, visited construction sites to see the plans come to fruition, managed the MS4 Stormwater Program, and worked with the planning board on various updates to the land development regulations. Paquet holds a B.A. in geology from Mount Holyoke College and a master of community planning with a concentration in environmental and land use planning from the University of Rhode Island.

About Their Talk Clean water is the most important natural resource to the future of Rhode Island, and everyone shares in the responsibility to protect it.  Taking actions to protect and restore our water resources has many other benefits.  Ms. Paquet will give a presentation about the Aquidneck Island Watershed Plan, which she is currently drafting.  This plan will tie together existing efforts and prioritize important actions to protect and restore water quality and aquatic habitats on the Island.  In her talk, she will discuss some local water quality conditions, the relationship between land use activities and water quality, the co-benefits of water quality protection, as well as what is being done by government and non-governmental organizations.  She will highlight what you can do to prevent water pollution—because it is all connected!

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Aquidneck Land Trust:
    • Chuck Allott, Executive Director 
Charles “Chuck” Allott, Esq. is the Executive Director of the Aquidneck Land Trust (“ALT”). ALT has conserved and permanently protected over 2600 acres of land on Aquidneck Island with high conservation values (farmland, watershed protection land, wetlands and wildlife habitat, recreation lands, cultural landscapes, and scenic corridors). ALT became the first nationally accredited land trust in Rhode Island in 2009. Chuck was one of the founding members of ALT in 1990 when a group of civic-minded island residents came together with the vision of saving some of the last great open spaces on the island. Prior to becoming Executive Director of ALT, Chuck was a real estate, land use and conservation attorney at Hinckley Allen in Providence. Chuck has resided in every community on Aquidneck Island and currently resides in Newport with his life partner, Ellen and two dogs, Hatchet and Penny. Chuck is an avid outdoorsman. Elizabeth Scott Consulting:
    • Elizabeth Scott, Owner of Elizabeth Scott Consulting
Elizabeth is the owner of Elizabeth Scott Consulting, a company helping to build empowered organizations through the pursuit of best practices and continuous improvement initiatives. In addition to consulting, Elizabeth sees herself as a water resources professional with demonstrated experience in government administration, team leadership, and partnership building. She most recently served for 20 years as the Deputy Chief of Office of Water Resources within the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM), while previously working as the Division Chief within the RIDEM Division of Water Supply Management and as a RIDEM Senior Environmental Scientist . She is committed to advancing the protection and restoration of our waters and building resiliency to climate change.

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Rhode Island Department of Transportation:
    • Brian Moore, Administrator - Office of Stormwater Management

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Eastern Rhode Island Conservation District:
    • Sara Churgin, District Manager
Aquidneck Island Planning Commission:
    • Allison McNally, Program Director

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Save the Bay:
    • Jed Thorp, Advocacy Coordinator
Jed Thorp is the Advocacy Coordinator for Save The Bay where he represents Save The Bay before the General Assembly and helps to engage members and supporters in grassroots advocacy efforts. A native of Ohio, Jed has nearly 20 years of experience in environmental policy and advocacy, and has worked for Ohio Citizen Action, Clean Water Action, the Sierra Club and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Jed holds a BA and MA in political science and resides near the upper Bay in Cranston.

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management:  
    • Ann Battersby, Senior Environmental Scientist
About Their Talk Stormwater is often cited as one of the biggest sources of pollution to Narragansett Bay and the ocean. However, stormwater is simply a delivery mechanism; the pollutants carried by stormwater come from human activities and development. In this talk, Jed will discuss one of the biggest contributors to stormwater pollution - fertilizers - and what can be done to reduce the problem. From best management practices for individual homeowners, to policy solutions for local governments, we'll explore how we can begin to get a handle on this growing challenge.

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Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management:
    • Ken Ayars, Chief of Agriculture

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Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation:
    • Madison Burke, Education and Outreach Manager

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Rhode Island Department of Health:
    • Sherry Poucher, Beach Program Coordinator

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