Rhode Island Food Scraps Become Rhode Island Soil

List of Composting events on May 1, May 7 and May 15 to give away compost and fundraise for local school zero waste program. Graphic shows the HSHSRI logo and hands digging through a compost bin.

Harvest healthy foods by first creating healthy soils! Our Healthy Soils Healthy Seas Rhode Island program is built on the idea that improving ocean health starts on land. By composting, whether that’s separating your food scraps or using the finished compost to help your plants grow, you are taking individual action to reduce waste footprints, improve ocean health, and enrich our local ecosystem. We are excited to share that we’ve been collecting and processing Aquidneck Island food scraps into a nutrient rich soil amendment throughout the past year, and we are now ready to put this soil back into the environment, starting with you! Some of these events coincide with International Compost Awareness Week, a great opportunity to learn more about our connection to food and the earth. Join us during May at composting events on Aquidneck & Conanicut Islands to learn more about the program, support composting in local schools, and help yourself to fresh compost.