Your Support Matters

Supporting Clean Ocean Access is investing in the future – the future of clean water, healthy ecosystems, and the leaders of tomorrow. Since 2014 we’ve been increasing our impact through education and outreach opportunities for students, and creating a community that cares deeply about the environment and each other.

And through our core programs we’ve created opportunities for people to come together and make a direct impact, helping to eliminate marine debris, improve coastal water quality, and protect shoreline access for all.

As we close out a most challenging year, we are grateful for the generous support from everyone who makes the work of our organization possible. We could not sustain our efforts without the army of dedicated volunteers and inspiring donors who care so deeply about their community and who make us hopeful for a brighter future! If you share our vision, please consider supporting Clean Ocean Access in your year-end giving. Thank you – and warmest wishes from your friends at COA!