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Artists Alexie Rudman and Roxanne Blackmore pose smiling in front of their paintings.

Clean Ocean Access welcomed the community to our Middletown office on Thursday, March 31, for the opening of our “Creations for the Oceans” art show. Art is essential to the storytelling of our natural world, and we were thrilled to share our first artist-focused event around our vision of a clean, healthy ocean that is accessible to all.

Because of the overwhelming response to this event, the Creations for the Oceans Gallery will continue to showcase the works of incredibly talented local artists. With a rotating display of paintings and sculpture, we invite the community to stop in, browse, and take home original pieces anytime Monday through
Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Your purchase supports our mission as well as local artists who generously donate a portion of sales to COA.

To view the photo gallery of available art, please click here.

For more information, including dimensions of paintings, please contact Events Manager, Lesley Muir, via email or by phone at (401) 236- 2561. We hope you will find something you love to take home in support of local artists and our oceans!

*Please note that not all pieces are pictured full size and all look better in person than online!*

Calling All Artists! 

Are you a visual artist? We would love to consider your entry!
The title of the show is Creations for the Oceans: Artists Supporting Clean Ocean Access.
We welcome you to submit one piece that you feel reflects what our beautiful oceans mean to you. It can be a sculpture, painting, photograph, or other medium that is ready to display. 

All artists will be invited to a pre-event reception from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm on opening night, March 31 at Clean Ocean Access as a thank you for supporting our fundraiser! Please stay for the community reception from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm and enjoy beverages and refreshments, as well as a chance to mingle with the guests. The show will remain up through the month of April. We ask that any unsold work be picked up at that time.

Entry Guidelines

  • This is a fundraising event for COA and all work submitted must be for sale.
  • The work you submit must be the piece that you plan to exhibit in the show.
  • 2-D work cannot exceed 36 inches on any side. The piece must be properly wired and ready to hang. No sawtooth hangers.
  • If submitting a 3-D piece, please indicate the overall dimensions of the piece in the Additional Comments box on the submission form. Also please indicate if this is a free standing piece or will need a pedestal or stand. If you have a pedestal or stand that you can provide with your piece that would be very welcome.
  • Please label your photo “First Name, Last Name.jpeg”. Photos submitted should be of good quality and under 3MB.
  • The drop off for the exhibit is on either Monday, March 14 or Tuesday, March 15 between 12 and 7pm. 
  • Please submit your best work so that we can include it in our exhibit! After your submission, you will be contacted with further details. Submissions will be accepted through Tuesday, March 15. 
  • Thank you for supporting COA’s first Art Exhibition Fundraising Event!

We are grateful for your talent and generosity so request that you price your piece accordingly for the commission you would like to receive. Below are three options to choose from.

      1. 100% Donation
      2. 60/40 split with COA receiving 60%
      3. 40/60 split with COA receiving 40%

Please fill out the submission form below with all the information about your artwork.
Our event committee will contact you after receiving your submission.
Plan to deliver your piece to COA at 21 John Clarke Rd. in Middletown on either Monday, March 14 or Tuesday, March 15 between 12 and 7pm. 

Submissions are now closed. 

Please contact Events Manager Lesley Muir via email or phone at (401) 314-3284 with any questions or concerns. 

Past Art Events

Peruse our past events featuring art at COA!

Students for the Sea: January 27, 2022 with st. George’s
The artwork featured in the “Students for the Sea” art exhibition at Clean Ocean access was created over four months by twelve St. George’s students. Inspired by the mission of Clean Ocean Access, the students participated in their own trash clean-up along the roads of Second Beach. They saved pieces of trash they found to use as visual texture for parts of the large collaborative mural shown in the exhibition. The students rolled ink onto the debris and pressed paper onto the trash to create the collaged elements for the mural. The visual arts represent an impactful platform by which to share information and inspire change. We were honored to showcase these impressive artistic works and environmental messages as part of our first “Students for the Sea” art show. Once the mural was finished, the students took a field trip with COA to the marina trash skimmer located in Newport. After helping with collecting and cataloging trash from the skimmer, the students decided to create individual woodblock prints inspired by what they learned from the field trip. The individual works will be temporarily on display here at Clean Ocean Access, along with the collaborative mural.  We at Clean Ocean Access have the vision of a clean, healthy ocean that is accessible to all. We applaud St. George’s art instructor Steve Totin and his students for their efforts in spreading an important message of resource preservation and marine debris prevention in such a creative way! The visual arts represent an impactful platform by which to share information and inspire change. We were so glad to showcase these talented young artists and grateful for the partnership with St George’s.