Where it started

In Late July of 2020 while jogging on Sunday morning Joe Fitzpatrick came across overflowing trash on Thames Street and took action to solve the problem. Within hours an outpouring of interest and support from the community led to thousands of dollars being donated to address the litter issue facing our community.

In order to expand the efforts of the #cleanitupJOE movement, the #cleanitupJOE fund will donate $100 for every resident, household, or individual who will ADOPT THEIR BLOCK. Adopting your block is easy. Just follow the “Flexible cleanups” below on how to keep & make change in your block. 

Where it is going

Now, in partnership with Clean Ocean Access, the #cleanitupJOE campaign will aim to engage residents to promote environmental stewardship by expanding the Clean Ocean Access flexible cleanup program to engage dozens of individuals (or families) to adopt a block or section of Newport streets, parks, or shorelines to perform cleanups on a regular schedule and report the results as part of the overall program of Clean Ocean Access.  Studies have shown, as well as our own data at Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge that society is less likely to litter at areas that do not have any litter, while they are more likely to litter at areas that already have litter and debris. The program will be managed by Clean Ocean Access and the data will be collected, processed, and reported on by a team of interns as an after school project or capstone project and the resulting data from the various cleanups will be publicly available and used transparently and objectively to bring awareness to the re-accumulating items that are littering the environment. This information will lead to behavior changes and changes in consumer attitudes to single-use material. It will culminate with a shift in social responsibilities for zero waste management to become a reality and shift away from single-use material and embrace durable reusable sustainable materials that do not become litter.

How to get involved

Flexible cleanups – A fun, easy and impactful way to take action, get outside, and promote environmental stewardship is for an individual (or family) to adopt a small section of coastline, watershed or neighborhood, and perform a cleanup on a flexible schedule. As a flexible cleanup volunteer, you will be provided with all the supplies to perform cleanups on a flexible basis (at least once a month) at any time and location of your choosing. For each of your cleanups, we ask that you fill out this tally sheet to document the debris you collect. Please submit your tally sheets here

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    Locations adopted

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