Our Team

Board of Directors

Monica DeAngelis, Board President ~ Email Monica ~ Monica is performing the critical role of President to manage and provide leadership for the Board of Directors, leading the creation of a board plan, and keeping the organization focused on achieving the vision. She has a BS in Biology from University of New Hampshire and a MS in Biology from San Diego State University. She is a Marine Mammal Biologist at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.
Ian Owen, Board Treasurer ~ Email Ian ~ Ian as the 2nd term Treasurer is leading the finance efforts to achieve long term fiscal solvency and to develop an endowment. He has an EEE degree from the Royal Navy (UK) and received a commendation from the UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) when he helped set up and run an oiled bird rescue and rehabilitation center in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. Ian is a program manager at Sonos Inc.
Annie Becker, Board Secretary ~ Email Annie ~ Annie is performing the role of Secretary fostering communication and ensuring proper management and utilization of organizational records, bylaws, policies and procedures, and assisting with fundraising and community events. She has a Bachelor of Science in statistics and finance from Syracuse University. Annie is a realtor on Aquidneck Island and is the President Elect of the Newport County Board of REALTOR©


Dave McLaughlin, Executive Director ~ Email Dave ~ Dave is the Co-Founder of Clean Ocean Access in 2006 and as Executive Director since the inception of the non-profit organization in 2014 he is working on innovative methods and strategic initiatives for transforming the organization into a sustainable non-profit such that the mission lasts forever. He earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in applied mathematics from the Florida Institute of Technology with a concentration in atmospheric science and physical oceanography in 1993 and 1996, respectively. Before this journey, Dave had a career in information technology as an enterprise architect at Hasbro Toy Company from 1996 to 2014.
Karen Sheehan, Director of Development~ Email Karen ~ Karen joined the team in August of 2020 as our Director of Development and is responsible to advance the organization’s fundraising efforts and increase philanthropic support. Karen is an experienced relationship-building, community-minded individual who cares deeply about the local environment and has lived her own life always being mindful of the health of our beaches and oceans. Prior to joining the team, she was the Director of Development and Community Engagement at Bethany Community Services in Haverhill, MA.
Eva Touhey, Program Manager ~ Email Eva ~ Eva joined the team as an intern in October of 2015 working on watershed reporting, and advancing education activities in 2016. As the program manager, she is responsible for core programs, big projects, volunteer management, advocacy, education & outreach, reports, and program revenue. Eva received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 2015, and a Master of Arts degree in Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island in 2019, with a thesis on the influence of plastic bag bans on pro-environmental behaviors in Rhode Island coastal communities.
Max Kraimer, Project Coordinator ~ Email Max ~ Max joined the team as an intern in May of 2017 focusing on Marina Trash Skimmer data collection and research.  Max is responsible to advance the big projects; Southeast New England Marina Trash Skimmers and Shrink Wrap Recycling, and program sponsorship. Max received his Bachelor of Science in marine biology with a minor in sustainability studies from Roger Williams University in 2018.
Kaitlyn Reed, Zero Waste Coordinator ~ Email Kaitlyn ~ Kaitlyn joined COA in January 2020 as the Zero Waste Coordinator. Kaitlyn has primary responsibilities for the Healthy Soils Healthy Seas Rhode Island Project. Kaitlyn graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Sustainable Development and minors in Political Science and Women’s Studies in May 2018. During her time at school she worked at a restaurant and implemented composting as well as numerous sustainability measures to eliminate single use material. Before joining the team, Kaitlyn worked as an Animal Rehabilitation and Education Intern for the National Marine Life Center in Buzzards Bay and as the lead summer camp educator at the Audubon Society of Rhode Island.
Zoe Pagliaro ~ Sustainability Coordinator ~ Email Zoe ~ Zoe joined the team as an intern running our environmental education efforts during the summer of 2017. Now, as the Sustainability Coordinator, she is responsible for providing support for and infusing environmental sustainability into the core programs and projects. Zoe received a Bachelor of Arts in environmental science from Skidmore College in 2020.
Sydney McCarthy ~ Outreach Coordinator ~ Sydney joined Clean Ocean Access in July 2020 as a member of the Healthy Soils Healthy Seas Rhode Island Project and Marina Trash Skimmer Project. She is responsible for outreach for commercial composting efforts, daily skimmer operations, and communications and marketing for programs and projects. Sydney graduated from Roger Williams University in May of 2020, with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, Political Science & Management, and we are glad to have her on the team.
Maddison "Maddie" DeLayo ~ Communications Marketing Coordinator ~ Maddie graduated from Salve Regina University in 2020 with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Business Administration. She is now a full time MBA student with concentrations in Social Ventures and Social Entrepreneurship. Maddie will be helping Clean Ocean Access develop their digital marketing strategy, and assist in the overall communications marketing of the organization.

College Interns

Madison Young Madison is a rising Senior at Roger Williams University where she is majoring in marketing with a double minor in computer science and business analytics. Originally from New Jersey, at Clean Ocean Access she is helping with social media, email marketing, website updates, Salesforce data management, opportunity processing, and mail merges for thank you letters. We look forward to applying her awesome skills for data analytics and marketing insight into the weeks and months to come. Thank you, Madison!
Victoria "Tori" Merrill Tori is currently a Junior at The University of Rhode Island where she is majoring in Marine Affairs with a double minor in Business Administration and Oceanography. Tori is originally from Salisbury, Connecticut and is now living in Rhode Island which has paved the way to her joining the Clean Ocean Access team as the Marine Debris Intern. She is helping with the Clean Program which entails running our twice a month beach clean ups.
Emma Crisfield Emma is a senior at the University of Rhode Island where she is majoring in Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology and Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. She is originally from Massachusetts and will primarily be assisting with water sampling, water quality testing, and data processing for publication as a water quality intern.
Timothy "Tim" Jaeger Tim is currently a senior at Salve Regina University, where he is majoring in Political Science and Philosophy, as well as minoring in Economics. In addition to an interest in politics and philosophy, Tim loves nature and the environment, and wishes to pursue a career in environmental economics. This passion has led him to Clean Ocean Access, where he has volunteered in the past. Our Shoreline Access Internship offered Tim the perfect balance of field work, office work, and policy research.
Olivia Thayer Olivia is a senior at Salve Regina University majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Studio Art with a photography concentration. She has joined the team to assist with the marine trash skimmers program, beach cleanups, and office work. Olivia is very passionate about the environment and hopes to pursue a career in marine biology in the near future.
Jennifer Newport Jennifer is a junior studying Environmental Science and Management at the University of Rhode Island. She is originally from New Jersey but is now excited to help perform fieldwork for Clean Ocean Access in Newport and Providence. She assists with fieldwork operations, community scientist counting of the marine debris, updating reports, and communicating with local partners and officials.
Alejandro Rojas Alejandro is a senior at Salve Regina University double majoring in Environmental and Global Studies. He has joined the team to assist with field work for operations of the trash skimmer including debris removal in addition to office work. Alejandro is an environmentally minded individual who is a proponent of sustainable living and has a passion for everything ocean related.
Erin Stangel Erin is a Senior at Salve Regina University where she is majoring in Environmental Studies with a double minor in Spanish and Global Studies. At Clean Ocean Access she is helping with the communications aspect of the Healthy Soils Healthy Seas Project by building relationships with current and new resident/commercial customers. The ocean has always been an important aspect of Erin’s life from growing up on the water in Connecticut, researching coral reefs in Belize, and now helping out at COA.
John Reumann John is a senior marketing major at the University of Rhode Island. As a member of the American Marketing Association at URI since 2018, he has worked on various case studies with local businesses to help them grow, as well as being a participant in the AMA National Case Study Competition. Originally from Millbury, Massachusetts John will be helping Clean Ocean Access in obtaining grants and sponsorships to help increase funding and revenue generation. John loves to travel, and hopes to see the Great Barrier Reef one day.

High School Interns

Grace Reko Grace is a sophomore at Middletown High School. A fun fact about Grace is that she has lived on Aquidneck Island her whole life. Grace will be helping with data entry here at Clean Ocean Access.
Ella Donaldson Ella is a sophomore at Middletown High School. An interesting fact about her is that she loves sailing, photography and just being outside with her friends. Ella is in the engineering program at her high school, and would love to do something that has to do with both that and the environment. Here at Clean Ocean Access, Ella is helping with data entry.
Emilia Tavares Emilia is a senior at Portsmouth High School who is very passionate about the environment, and is looking to go into an environmental field as a possible career choice. Emilia loves the ocean, and has a job as a beach lifeguard in the summers. Emilia has lived in Portsmouth RI for her entire life, and is excited to work hard helping at our local beach cleanups to educate others about how and what we can do as a society to give back to our planet and keep our oceans free of marine debris.