Corporate Partners

Our programs and projects are made possible because of the generous support of the community and corporate partners that see the direct connection of a healthy environment and a healthy economy. From our shoreline cleanups to fundraising events, partners fuel our mission and we are thrilled to share our business sponsors.

Mackerel Studios
Jamestown, RI

Photo of Mackerel Studios bracelets on models

Two of Mackerel Studios’ bracelet designs. 

Mackerel Studios is a Jamestown company started by a young local, Andres Milne, with a passion for the environment and access to the water. Milne launched Mackerel Studios to clean up oceans, support sailing for people with disabilities, and provide premium quality goods.  They want to push people to live life to the fullest, never letting anyone stop them in anything. A percentage of proceeds will support COA’s vision of a clean, healthy ocean that is accessible to all. 

Is your organization interested in supporting Clean Ocean Access? We’re always seeking to build new relationships with like-minded businesses. We offer a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities for our programs, projects, and events with benefits for your business to reach:

  • 10K+ people by email
  • 3K+ via traditional mailing
  • 3K+ on social media
  • Brand placement on our website, programming events, and more!

To find out more please contact our Executive Director, Dave McLaughlin.