You Protected Your Boat. Now Protect The Environment!

Boating season is right around the corner! If you are a boat owner who’s getting ready to remove your shrink wrap, please make sure it doesn’t end up in the trash.

We are working with amazing project partners to offer a low-cost, sustainable option for the disposal of your marine shrink wrap. As you prepare to launch your boat, think about what you’ll do with your shrink wrap. Know your options!

Consider careful removal so you can reuse it as a cover for multiple seasons.

Recycle your wrap:

    • Ask your marina, boatyard, or yacht club if they recycle shrink wrap.
    • If so, thank them for their efforts!
    • If not, advocate for them to start recycling and have them sign up to become a collection site here.
    • Buy a collection bag from a local collection site, follow their instructions to prepare your wrap for recycling, and return the filled bag.

By recycling your shrink wrap, you will protect your boat and the environment. Our shrink wrap recycling program is a self-funded, sustainable, and scalable model that ensures all material collected is processed by our project partner, TerraCycle, into post-consumer resin to be used in new plastic products.

This boating season, do the right thing and recycle your shrinkwrap! 

Want to know more? Check out our shrink wrap recycling webpage, get involved by filling out this survey, or email us at

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2022 Shrink Wrap Recycling Summit 

On March 16, we held our Second Annual Shrink Wrap Recycling Summit! The event was a great success, with attendees from across the country. We especially want to thank our presenters Dylan Layfield from TerraCycle and John Russo from Seaside Sustainability.

 The meeting was recorded and can be viewed here. We hope this information helps you make more informed decisions about your shrink wrap usage and encourages you to recycle instead of throwing your shrink wrap away. To find out if there is a recycling collection site near you, or share any questions or comments, reach out directly to us at

If you would like to join us for future events or learn more about our shrink wrap recycling project, please visit our website.