4th Annual Paddle for Access

We are geared up and ready, but unfortunately Mother Nature has adjusted our priorities and now with an impending direct hit of a Hurricane, we are going to cancel this weekend’s Paddle for Access event to allow the community to activate their storm preparation activities.

Woman paddling by the Newport Pell Bridge with the PFA logo and the words "Canceled due to weather"

After the storm passes, with 50 rights of way on Aquidneck Island and hundreds of foot paths to the shoreline, we will put into action a post-storm effort to quickly monitor for erosion and marine debris removal, so that we maintain the opportunity for people to get into the water to enjoy all ocean activities. This is a new but necessary twist of how to activate our efforts for protecting and preserving shoreline access. In the next week or so, we will explore rescheduling the event in partnership with the City of Newport and Newport Shipyard Safe Harbors marina to see if it is logistically possible. If that is not possible, we will start planning now for the event for 2022. Thank you for your patience and continued support of our work!