First ever swim from Block Island to Jamestown!

Ben Tuff Swim logo of Block Island and Jamestown superimposed over an image of Ben swimming in the ocean with the words "Ben Tuff Swim: Block Island to Jamestown, RI. 19 Miles. Summer 2021".

You heard that right, Ben Tuff is swimming from Block Island to Jamestown on July 31 to fuel the environmental efforts of Clean Ocean Access, and you can be part of this awesome outcome by supporting the swim today!

Two years ago, your generous support of Ben’s swim around Conanicut Island made a huge impact, allowing Clean Ocean Access to establish zero waste education at Melrose Elementary School, composting for residents and businesses, weekly summer beach cleanups at Mackerel Cove, weekly water testing at Dumpling Cove, Potters Cove, and Fort Getty, assisting the town with plastic bag ordinances and fertilizer programs, signage at state parks, long term planning, and energizing stewardship action for all shoreline access points.

While the hustle has started, our work has just begun to make an impact, and with your support we can take greater action to educate over 600 students, divert 100 tons of food scraps from the landfill, perform 20 beach cleanups, collect 200 water samples, promote stewardship at 15 shoreline rights of ways, and take greater action to position Jamestown as a leader of environmental stewardship.

Ben will be the first person to ever make the open water crossing from Block Island to Jamestown, and with your support we can position our island community as a leader for taking good care of the ocean.

We appreciate your support and look forward to celebrating this amazing event with you!


Dave McLaughlin
Executive Director