Engage in Hope for Our Oceans with COA’s Annual Appeal

Since we started as a grassroots movement 15 years ago, we’ve worked to create a healthier ocean, and a healthier community. Through the support of inspiring individuals and business leaders, we’ve seen the impact of our efforts: cleaner beaches, composting across many Rhode Island communities, and environmental stewardship programs in our schools. Because of the commitment from people like you, we have made incredible strides – but our work is not done.

In dealing with the world health crisis over the past year, there has been a surge in single-use plastics, and we are seeing the fallout. Millions of disposable masks, food containers, and plastic water bottles are everywhere. The pandemic also underscored the health benefits of being outside and engaging with nature. We were starkly reminded of how we are all connected and how our local actions have a global impact.
We are pleased to say we are up for the challenge to address these issues and continue creating healthy opportunities for the community, stronger and readier than ever.

In 2021, our Board of Directors led the creation of a 3-year strategic plan to ensure our work continues with the greatest purpose and best possible outcomes. This new phase in the evolution of the organization could not come at a more critical time. We are excited to remain leaders in the ocean space, and inspire the next generation of environmental stewards. Although we have a new mission statement – Inspire and educate the community to take action through environmentally responsible behaviors – our purpose, inspiration, and passion remain the same. Our 2020 Annual Report outlines our path forward and highlights recent achievements made possible through community support. We hope you find our 2020 Annual Report informative and inspiring. Read the full report here.

‌As we approach World Oceans Day, a global day of awareness for ocean health, we reflect on this year’s United Nations theme: Life and Livelihoods, which highlights how dependent we are on our oceans. They sustain us physically, economically, and, for some, spiritually. Working here, in the Ocean State, we deeply appreciate how the ocean provides so much and through our programs, we offer a variety of ways for you to build a connection to the ocean that is inclusive, innovative, and informed. We understand how the ocean connects us all. Together with your help, we can make a difference that extends beyond our community, because what we do locally has global impacts.

As you consider your support of our Annual Appeal, we hope you are as inspired as we are for a brighter tomorrow, and share our vision of a clean, healthy ocean that is accessible to all.