Protecting Public Access

Clean Ocean Access in partnership with the City of Newport and Coastal Resources Management Council adopted the shoreline access right-of-way at Ledge Road in December 2013. To protect and preserve shoreline access we monitor the right-of-way each month and provide annual updates.

In June of 2020 we started to monitor water quality at the eastern portion of Bailey Beach due to a significant increase in usage of the beach. In July 2020 we attended the City Council meeting where the issue of health and safety at the beach was brought to the council attention. While our input was not recorded due to a technical issue, we expressed support of enforcing parking ordinances as a way for crowd control, but we were ready to express opposition to the potential ordinance of restricting access to the beach. In August 2020 the signage at Ledge road indicating restricted access was a bit of a surprise, but we interpret the new signage as part of the strategy of the City to address the crowding at the eastern portion of Bailey Beach, and would expect the signage to be removed around Labor Day timeframe.

Clean Ocean Access remains committed to addressing shoreline access issues (obstruction, encroachment, vandalism, irresponsible usage) and remain vigilant to make sure we do not lose any shoreline access. We are in support of state legislation to increase shoreline access beyond the high-tide line and to establish public parking at all rights of way for the Ocean State.

Please reach out to us at to get involved with our efforts and please do report any and all shoreline access and rights-of-way issues to us. We are here to help! 

Thank you!