Simple Ways – Car Wash

Driving around a sparkling clean car can make even the oldest hunk of junk feel brand new. Make sure you wash your car in an environmentally sustainable way so you can continue to drive a sparkling clean car and reduce impact on our local waters! Washing your car at home is a great way to save a few bucks but instead using the driveway, use your lawn! When washing your car in the driveway all the excess soap, scum, and oily grit runs from your driveway into your neighborhood storm drain and directly into our water system. As a result the phosphates from the soap can cause excess in algae growth, harming local water and aquatic life. When washing your car on a grassy area the ground can filter the soapy water naturally. Instead of pouring your soapy water into the street, get rid of it by pouring the water in your sink. If you’re not a fan of washing your car yourself, that’s even better! Taking your car to be washed at a commercial car wash is the best decision since most car washes reuse wash water several times before sending it to the sewer system.