Newport Harbor Trash Skimmer results and updates!

The Newport Harbor Trash Skimmers (NHTS) had a busy 2016! They removed debris such as miscellaneous plastic, foam, cigarettes/filters, food containers and beverage bottles. After taking the winter off, the skimmers are heading back into the water on April 14. We will host an event at Perrotti Park to celebrate their return to Newport Harbor, welcome the new sign, and make a big skimmer announcement!

Watch this short video to experience the installation of the NHTS in early August 2016, in partnership with the City of Newport Harbormaster, all made possible by funding from 11th Hour Racing.

The goal of the Newport Harbor Trash Skimmers project is to reduce the amount of marine debris in the Newport Harbor, increase the recreational value of the waterfront, bring awareness to the types of re-accumulating debris, and promote environmental stewardship.

To learn more, please contact us via e-mail!