Trash Skimmers

Today we peaked inside the two Newport Harbor Trash Skimmers located in the northeast corner of the harbor. Aside from a lot of leaves, we found plastic bottles, cigarette butts, and an abundance of small pieces of fishing line.

The two trash skimmers run 12-24 hours per day, up to 7 days per week! When the skimmers are full of debris they are emptied into large barrels, and they are typically emptied 3-4 times per week. Sometimes, they are emptied as often as twice a day after a rain event due to the stormwater run off at the end of the harbor…that is a lot of pollution!!

Due to in climate weather resulting in icy conditions, the skimmers will soon be removed from the harbor until early Spring 2017. Check back to find out how much debris the skimmers were able to remove, and what we have in store for the new year!