NOAA marine debris art contest

2014_10_20_NOAA_art_contestThere is an art contest hosted by NOAA that is right in line with our Marine Debris Program at Clean Ocean Access. The deadline is November 17th and we are happy to help engage the kids with a cleanup so they could be part of this contest. Give us a shout if you would like to explore a way to weave this into upcoming events and get the community (kids up to 8th grade) involved in the contest. More information about the contest can be found at:


Improving Ocean Health in Portsmouth RI

2014_10_18_compositeOn a blustery Saturday afternoon a team of 17 people removed 201 pounds of marine debris from the shoreline of Weaver Cove in Portsmouth RI. Empire Tea & Coffee provided great beverages and it was the Ice Coffee that hit the spot this week! We had good talks with people walking, boating and fishing and everyone agreed that taking good care of our coastline and natural resources is a really important thing to do. Thanks also to the Seaweed Nutrient Analysis team collecting 6 water samples and 6 seaweed sample and also to 2 more people who signed up for a spot on Sachuest Point. A good Saturday for COA!

Enjoy the weekend!

2014_10_17_how_can_you_helpAs the surf picks up and a great weekend is knocking on the door, it is a good time to think about the hard work of the COA volunteers who are working to protect, preserve and maintain the natural beauty that makes living on this island such a great experience. We have real programs with real goals and it is only possible because of dedicated volunteers, a small paid staff, and a community that believes that working together can result in making things better. There are many ways that you can help, just give us a shout. Thank you.

A day at the beach, even in the rain it feels good!

2014_10_11_cleanup 2014_10_10_COA_quick_hitDespite a wet morning we were able to pull off the cleanup with 18 people covering a good amount of 2nd beach and nearby coastline. Now is the season where the Empire Tea & Coffee really hits the spot! Thank you to everyone who ventured and also the seaweed nutrient analysis team that did their weekly activities at 1st beach. Enjoy the day and the rest of the weekend!