Data collection EVERYWHERE!

2014_10_26_things_we_are_doingTo influence change requires regular data collection, identification of issues and action to fix them. For the data collection side of things we are happy to have such a great team of volunteers making all of this happen. Time, Talent and Treasure are required to keep Clean Ocean Access running into the future and it is our goal to make sure our mission lasts forever. Stay tuned for our next email blast later this week, if you are not on our email list please send us an email at THANK YOU!

What can you do?

2014_10_24_water_conservationHere are a few ideas we put together for you to think about when it comes to protecting water on Aquidneck Island. Whether is storm water or waste water, we can all do something to help and if EVERYONE does something we will achieve great things. If you would like to help spin this into an info graphic, let us know. Your help is welcome. Thank you!

Water, Water, Everywhere

one_dropThank you to all the folks who came out last night to Water, Water, Everywhere a panel discussion on issues, challenges and solutions relating to water resources on Aquidneck Island. Thank you to Aquidneck Land Trust for making the event happen, Salve for hosting it and the key speakers on the panel: Chuck, Julia, Art, Dave, Joe, Elizabeth, We live in a historic place and we need to make some historic changes to protect our most natural resource. It all starts with each one of us doing simple things, stay tuned for more information and come to a COA event and keep the conversation going!

Marine Debris removal in November

2014_11_cleanup_posterOur November Coastal Cleanup Poster is ready for sharing with everyone. LC this time of the year is a tradition and Gull Cove in Portsmouth is sure to be exciting, one can only imagine what we’ll find! If you would like to help with some of the efforts for either event, get in touch with us via email at Thank you!

Sachuest Point

~3220079 (2)Our program and partnership for monitoring shoreline changes, removing marine debris and taking good care of environment is underway at Sachuest Point. We need a few more volunteers to help. If you are comfortable with rocky coastline and can volunteer 1 hour per month (any time, it is totally up to you when it happens) and enjoy being outside on this coastline, then this is a great opportunity for you. Get in touch with us via email at  Thank you!