Harbor Walk Committee

2014_10_09_harbor_walk_committeeWe are happy to see that the harbor walk committee was approved with the key feature being the appointment of city staff to the committee. This model works. We are honored to have a member of Clean Ocean Access serve on the initial committee. This will work well for our long term goals within our public access programs which are already on their way to progress with collaboration with Friends of the Waterfront. If you would like to help COA by joining and/or participating in committees or commissions in Newport, Middletown or Portsmouth, please let us know.

One Square Mile

This summer our program working towards permanent year-round clean water expanded into Portsmouth to help with swimming events and a by-product was that we were asked to be part of the RIPR series on Narragansett Bay. Check out the clip that just got posted on their site http://ripr.org/post/one-square-mile-monitoring-bay-one-sample-time-audio-slideshow and follow the entire program at http://ripr.org/topic/one-square-mile-narragansett-bay A big THANK YOU to the volunteers who collect water samples every week, all year long.


2014_10_07_met_coa_internshipInternships! Would you like to get involved with COA and make a contribution to our mission at the same time learning valuable skills that are applicable in the real-world? Today we are meeting with the East Bay Metropolitan Career and Technical Center in Newport, Rhode Island to explore opportunities for our programs related to marine biology and conservation. Get in touch with us if you would like to explore being an intern with Clean Ocean Access. Thank you!

2015 Watershed Counts

2015_watershed_countsToday we are attending the 1st planning session for the 2015 Watershed Counts report. Last year we provided two articles in the 2014 Watershed Counts report on page 23 and page 24 about our long terms goals for permanent year-round clean water and improving ocean health by changing human behavior to eliminate trash on the shoreline and in the ocean. You can see the report here. Some of the ideas we are going to share today include (1) Public awareness and education of the more stringent EPA standards for water quality at beaches that will be in place for summer 2015, (2) The connection of public access and water quality and how to bridge the gap, (3) The momentum building for improving watershed health to reduce nutrient levels impacting macro-algae in the near shore zone, (4) Partnership with other organizations in the northeast that are facing similar environmental challenges.