Finishin up the cleanup, almost…

20141117_152027Today we helped out to finish up the weekend cleanup and removed the trash. We left behind the 31 engine oil filters and aim to work with the environmental police to track down who left these on the shoreline.

Monthly Meetings

2014_11_17_monthly_meetingsOur monthly meeting is on Tuesday, November 18th at 7PM at the Newport Public Library. It is open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend. Here is a quick AWESOME update for 2015, these will be good events and we’ll bring cookies for dessert!

Idea becomes a program, good stuff!

IMG_3097An awesome shot of Easton’s Beach from our Seaweed Nutrient Analysis Program team. Every Saturday they collect 6 water samples, 6 seaweed samples and take this picture. Thanks to everyone who helped turn this idea into a program!

Mid-Day Saturday, you outside, yes…

2014_11_14_Gull_CoveOn Saturday at 12PM you can join with Clean Ocean Access and be part of the first phase of the Marine Debris Solutions Lifecycle Project (MDSLP) at Gull Cove Fishing Area. Hot Chocolate and Coffee provided by Empire Tea & Coffee and marsh mellows from Stop&Shop. You want to get outside tomorrow, and this will feel good!