CRMC File Number 2014-08-008

access_4One of our core programs “ACCESS” has the principle to ensure public access & shoreline habitat are is available and protected forever. It is critical to strike the right balance of environmental consciousness, fiscal responsibility and a vision of resiliency as mother nature changes her ways. COA attends the monthly Cliff Walk Commission meetings and recently we reviewed the proposed plans for coastal protection. We are providing our letter of support with a few reservations. The plans are available via this LINK and the letter of support is HERE.

Clean Ocean Access has formally adopted 6 public rights of way on Aquidneck Island, informally adopted 8 additional rights of way, actively working on adopting 17 more rights of way and has a vision to adopt another set of rights of way once we get thru the process of the pending rights of way. Access and shoreline protection are the foundation of COA, if you would like to get involved, give us a shout at  Thank you.

Lifecyle of the program

O20140610_141748ur marine debris solutions program starts with a community effort with structured events and then evolves into a sustainable adoption program where a person (or small group) takes responsibility for a section of coastline and takes good care of it on a regular basis, on their own schedule. Coastal Erosion, Marine Debris, Invasive Species, …. These are the things we monitor and address once the marine debris solutions program has completed the lifecycle of shifting into the last phase. At Sachuest Point, that is where we are at. We have 14 people involved right now and we are looking for 2 more. If you can invest 1 hour per month into taking good care of the environment, please contact us at THANK YOU!

No 55-gallons drums so far this year…

2014_11_01_marine_debris_2014The good thing shown on this graph is so far we haven’t found any 55-gallon drums, but we sure have found a whole bunch of junk on our shoreline. Our solution for Marine Debris starts with removing the marine debris and counting it, identifying the major problems and taking action to fix it.  So far this year 1159 people have come to a beach cleanup, which is AWESOME! Meanwhile, we are actively working on creatively fueled and results driven solutions for (1) Cigarette butts, (2) Straws, (3) Balloons, (4) Plastic bags and broader initiatives related to (6) signage at walkways, (7) info-graphics at fishing locations, (8) long term sustainability goals at vendor locations near the coastline and (9) mentoring senior projects related to marine debris. COA isn’t just a bunch of people who pick up trash, it is an island wide community effort taking real action. As the weather gets colder, find a way to get involved, it will make next summer feel that much better!

Green Drinks in November

2014_11_06_Green_DrinksWe are hosting Green Drinks on November 6th at 530PM at Newport Yacht Club with food provided by Newport Tent Company. We will have updates from Sailors For The Sea and Mission2Ocean. You want to check this out, see you there!