Mahalo to the Ocean Team!

2014_11_25_oceanWhether you enjoy the peace and quiet of a walk on a healthy shoreline or recreation activities in clean water, we all live coastal inspired lives and must protect what we love. A big THANK YOU to the Clean Ocean Access water testing team.  In 2006 when we started this program there was nothing happening in terms of improving water quality on Aquidneck Island. Progress has been made, people are engaged, action is being taken and the COA volunteers are out there every week collecting samples.  Stay tuned for the 2014 annual report. We are partnering with Rogers High School students and the presentation in a few months will include a complete update on the 2015 EPA Water standards. THANK YOU!

Ocean Activities includes surf competitions!

20141123_112343Congratulations to all the little kids and older folks who participated in the final ESA contest of the 2014 season at Narragansett Town Beach on Sunday November 23rd 2014. COA has been helping out with various activities with ESA in the past few years as part of our goal of helping out all ocean activities that benefit from healthy shores and clean water. Peter Pan has been running the ESA in New England since 1971, that is an amazing accomplishment! Stay tuned for more information about the 2015 season, the first contest is scheduled for mid-February, just imagine how cold it will be!

Paying it forward…

2014_11_22_blue_planet_killing_plasticCarson came to our fundraiser in October and received a blue marble. Here is a picture of him from last month holding up his promise to take good care of our blue planet doing a cleanup at Naval station Newport. AWESOME! Meanwhile out in the Pacific Albatrosses are dying because they travel hundreds of miles each day to find food for the one offspring they have in their entire life, but mistakenly swoop up tiny plastic and it eventually kills them. Improving ocean health starts with the choices we are making each and every day. Find a way to make a difference, pay it forward forever…

Friends of the Waterfront

20141122_113832Friends of the Waterfront and Clean Ocean Access working together to take good care of the Watershed. Thanks to Courtenay for training Linda and Don. The warmest part of the day is time spent outside, good stuff!

hands-on & boots-in-the-water!

2014_11_19_primerDo you live on Aquidneck Island have about an hour available to volunteer per week, around the time that it is raining? We are helping URI and SRU with a big project related to the health of our watershed and have a great opportunity to assist with flow metering. Get in touch with us and we’ll share more information and details; this is hands-on science and most of all it is fun, easy and very impactful.  Thank you!