All year long…

IMG_2171If most people swim in the summer but some people use the water all year-long, when is the right time to monitor quality? We believe it is year-round. Our program for clean water has the ultimate goal of permanent year-round clean water. Thank you to the dedicated volunteers that collect 9 water samples on Thursday and 6 water samples on Saturday, every week of the year. If you would like to get involved, let us know. The data analysis happen inside afterwards and that is equally important!

Our 1st grant proposal!!!

Today we submitted our first grant! It was to NOAA for support of our Marine Debris Lifecycle Project (MDSLP) which is a fancy name for the long-term “removal” component of beach cleanup activities as part of our efforts to improve ocean health. A big shout out to Jamie and Kate for the initial connection and to Jim, Lola, Brigid, Dave, Kate, Monica and Drew for putting in all sorts of effort and creating an awesome grant application. To make sure COA lasts forever we need to raise funds; whether is small donations, grants or key donors, we are working hard to find a way to make sure COA lasts forever.


2014_11_18_flow_meteringHow fast is that water moving? Our coastal water quality program and seaweed nutrient analysis program measure bacteria and nutrients in the water at a given moment in time. To understand how much bacteria or phosphate or nitrate is actually entering our watershed and shorelines requires a better understanding of the flow and a key piece is knowing the velocity of the water. Tomorrow we will start a new partnership helping with a much larger project related to nitrates however it all comes together and integrates nicely with our own efforts. Do you remember Q=VA from physics or fluid dynamics? Do you have time to help volunteer using some cool instruments? Get in touch with us…

Have you ever been to these spots?

2014_12_cleanup_posterA big shout to Annie and Patricia who help out each month with putting up over 100 posters in Newport County sharing with the community our next set of marine debris removal event. There are 3 parts to our efforts: removal, education and solutions and each one of them relies on the community to get actively involved. This isn’t about picking up trash on the beach, it is about taking the first step of a long journey of improving ocean health and living healthy lives.  The cool thing about these 2 places in December is there are quite a few people who have never been to either location!