Annual winter party!

Pulse_fitness island_Surf_and_sport salt_water_studioIt would be great to see you at our annual winter party, so many people help to make it happen! Just 12 days away and ticket sales are churning and raffle donations are coming in every day! We are happy to have Island Surf and Sports helping as they always do since our first event, stoked to have Pulse Fitness aboard and always excited to show the art work donated by Saltwater studios.  Get your tickets directly at Easton’s Point Pub or online at

Burma Road Marine Debris Solutions Lifecycle Project

2015_1_10_composite 2015_01_10_summary_chartClean Ocean Access (COA) performed a coastal cleanup at Burma Road near Greene Lane, Middletown Rhode Island on January 10th 2015 where 16 people removed 1,089 pounds of small to medium size marine debris as part of the Marine Debris Solutions Lifecycle Project (MDSLP) program. One team covered the roadway and removed hundreds of small items that were blowing in the wind and heading to the ocean during the next wind shift, another team scoured the bushes and removed a large amount of bottles and bags, while two teams focused on very small coves on the coastline that contained huge amounts of plastics, bottles and fishing gear. Everyone worked together and removed several tires, a mattress, box spring, pistachio colored toilet, a broken desk, metal drums, car parts and shingles. If we had twice as many people we would have found twice as much stuff!



20150107_153439Mother nature knows how harmful plastic bags are to the ocean so she stirs up the wind to put plastic bags into trees so that us humans can see them and remove them before they find their way into the ocean. Perhaps it doesn’t work exactly this way, but nature always surprises us and interpreting the magic is all in the eye of the person experiencing it.  Do you part to take care of the environment and have fun while you do it!  Enjoy today

Polar Bear Cleanup Results


Thanks to everyone who came out to the polar bear cleanup on January 1st 2015 at Easton’s Beach. 9AM with artic temperatures a team slowly assembled and by 1PM nearly 20 people helped out to remove 75 pounds of small to medium size marine debris from the shoreline. This included the normal stuff we find on the beach as well as cardboard from the firework shells from New Year’s Eve. It was little cold yesterday to count the debris so that will happen in the coming days. Thanks to Empire Tea & Coffee for providing great coffee.