Ocean Science Speaker Series

 Ocean Science Speaker Series

This fall Clean Ocean Access launched its first-ever Ocean Science Speaker Series featuring scientists and researchers across disciplines, ranging from marine biology and engineering to marine affairs and pharmaceutical sciences. Presentations are held at the Newport Public Library 6:00 – 7:00PM. Stay tuned for 2019 dates coming soon.

Presentation 1: Monica DeAngelis

Summary of Presentation:

Marine animals use sound to navigate, communicate, find food, locate mates, and avoid predators. Noise is a recognized form of pollution and we’ve begun to recognize the threat it poses to marine life. Find out more about the impacts of ocean noise on marine life, the sources of human-generated ocean noise, and what is being done and what you can do to address anthropogenic (man-made) ocean noise.

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Contact: monica.deangelis@cleanoceanaccess.org

Presentation 2: Brown University Engineering Students

Summary of Presentation:

Five Brown University engineering students will present their findings based on a semester of research work with COA’s marina trash skimmers. Their research focuses on methods of separating organic and inorganic debris collected from the trash skimmers on Aquidneck Island.

View the full PowerPoint presentation here.


Erin Cole: erin_cole@brown.edu
Samuel Frolichstein-Appel: samuel_frolichstein-appel@brown.edu
Bianca Antonio: biancanoelle_antonio@brown.edu
Emily Sauter: emily_sauter@brown.edu
Isabelle Bauman: isabelle_bauman@brown.edu