Monitoring water quality never stops

Thank you to the 15 committed volunteers who collected 12 water samples and execute the entire water quality monitoring program each week, alongside our 1 staff person and 1 intern. The Department of Health will resume water quality monitoring on Memorial Day in 2019, but we will continue to monitor to protect public health and inform the scientific community, every week, all year long. “What gets measured, gets managed” and we have lots of impactful projects happening to achieve our long-term goal of permanent year-round clean water.

Water Quality Update

“What gets measured, gets managed” is a great way of understanding the importance of our weekly water quality monitoring program. 15 volunteers work together each week to provide this invaluable data, and as shown, unfortunately, there are some elevated bacteria levels in our local waters. We are going to start a new effort with some guidance from the EPA to perform “source tracking” to determine if the bacteria is coming from humans or animals. Neither is good, but if it human waste, then it means we have to escalate the problem for timely resolution.

Watershed Water Quality Results

Thank you to the volunteers who collect 8 water samples every Saturday and to Brandt for testing the water every Monday producing timely and quality results. As senator Jack Reed recently stated, “what gets measured, gets managed” and we are doing the right thing each week measuring nutrients level in the watershed. Thank you!

Water Quality Results

Weekly water quality results are in! They have improved from last week, but Bailey Brook, Marine Ave, and Third Beach exceeded the healthy limit during our testing on Thursday morning. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you

2008-2017 Water Quality Monitoring Report

The Clean Ocean Access year-round weekly water quality monitoring program is a citizen science based initiative aimed to directly empower the community to provide monitoring data for use in decision making and effective remediation of pollutants. Clean Ocean Access collected 4,309 water samples on a weekly basis at several popular swimming locations and likely sources areas for Enterococci from January 2008 to December 2017. Check out our detailed report HERE!

Overall, the water quality along the shoreline of Aquidneck Island and in the watershed has improved. Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers who make this program possible and take samples every Thursday year-round.