COA_DaveMcLaughlinDave McLaughlin, Executive Director & Co-Founder
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Dave McLaughlin is currently working on transforming the organization into a sustainable non-profit such that the mission lasts forever. He has been actively involved with the core programs of the organization from the inception and one of founding citizens that led to the grassroots movement. Dave has successfully inspired a community to come together and work on environmental issues with positive energy and a willingness to listen. He has led the grassroots movement and formalization of the non-profit with the highest level of moral integrity and ethical standards.  David received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics from the Florida Institute of Technology (1993) and his Masters of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics from the Florida Institute of Technology (1996) with a concentration in atmospheric science and physical oceanography. He was formerly employed at Hasbro Toy Company for the past twelve (12) years in Information Technology. Prior to this position he was a consultant for a management information systems company for five (5) years. His responsibilities ranged from software development, technical analysis, business systems analysis, project management, project leadership, strategic planning and enterprise architecture as part of implementing on-time & on-budget & on-quality multi-million dollar software implementations across multiple time zones managing over thirty (30) resources using various staffing models. This past employment experience resulted in a subject matter expertise for technology, sales & operations planning, logistics, sales, marketing, social media and excellent communication, budget and financial management skills. His experience for a publicly held Fortune 1000 company translates into a superior skill set for leadership of a public charity. Besides leading COA into the future, he is the vice chair for the waste water and storm water committee and member of the cliff walk commission for the City of Newport. All of these activities are passionately linked together via community service and giving back to society, simply to make things better for today and the future. Dave is an avid wave rider and with over 3 decades of wave riding experience with his roots as a bodysurfer at Waimea shore break in the early 1980’s.

Eva Touhey, Program Manager
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Eva Touhey is a native Aquidneck Islander and resident of Portsmouth, and has always been fascinated with the ocean and likes marine life a latte. In 2015 she graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Marine Affairs. Eva began working with Clean Ocean Access in September 2015 as an intern, composing a report for the Seaweed Nutrient Analysis Program, and assisting with the back-office operations for our environmental work. In the spring of 2016 and throughout the summer, Eva took on increasing responsibilities and became the COA education coordinator, presenting watershed education to Aquidneck Island elementary schools and summer programs and teaching marine education and environmental conservation to the students, including a 6-week program with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Newport County. Starting in September of 2016, Eva was promoted to COA program manager, leading the efforts for our environmental reporting, and responsible for management and oversight of the core programs for marine debris removal, water quality monitoring and shoreline access protection efforts. Eva is a talented and highly motivated individual with a deep commitment to the environment. In this short but impactful period, she has managed programs, led resources, and maintained the respect, recognition and moral integrity of the organization. She has a deep intellectual curiosity and a true passion for ocean health, and we stoked to have her on the team!

COA_DrewCareyDrew Carey, Board President
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Drew Carey is a marine scientist who has lived in New England for thirty years. He has been actively involved with the core programs of the organization from the first year and one of founding citizens that led to the grassroots movement. He developed and led the water quality monitoring program which has led to an unprecedented data set and established partnerships with local and state and federal officials that have made significant progress working towards the clean water act. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology and Biological Oceanography from The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington (1976). He has a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Geology and Marine Ecology from the University of St Andrews, Scotland (1983). He is the founder and Principal Scientist of CoastalVision for the past fifteen (15) years and is responsible for business development, technical oversight, contract management, personnel, strategic decisions and financial operations.  Prior to founding CoastalVision, Dr. Carey was an assistant professor at Wesleyan University and Senior Scientist at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).  He has been involved with marine science education, research and program management for over thirty (30) years.  Drew and is passionate about engaging people with the natural world and caring for their community. Despite growing up in a coastal town in California with a beach named “Surf” during the early surf craze, he came late to ocean activities. Because being in the water is now his bliss, he would just as soon it was healthy.

COA_KateMarkeyKate Markey Lundgren, Board Vice President
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Kate Markey has a long standing love and appreciation for the marine environment. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Rhode Island’s Department Fisheries, Animal and Veterinary Sciences with a concentration in Aquaculture and Shellfish Disease. She currently works as the Technician in the Aquatic Diagnostic Laboratory at Roger Williams University. Throughout her scientific career Kate has studied finfish and shellfish aquaculture, shellfish disease and disease diagnostics, water quality, marine ecology and restoration/conservation biology. Kate moved to Aquidneck Island during the summer of 2012 after living on the Narragansett side of RI since 2002. An avid beach enthusiast Kate noticed the overwhelming amount of macro-algae growing at the beaches on Aquidneck Island. After striking up a conversation with Dave McLaughlin at a fourth of July party during the summer of 2013 the idea for the Seaweed Nutrient Analysis Program (SNAP) was created. The program kicked off in January 2014 and the goal of the program is to investigate the seaweed we are observing at the beaches and start talking about why it might be here. It’s through Kate’s love of the ocean that she believes strongly in Clean Ocean Access and its core programs. Kate is excited to be a part of an organization of like-minded people with the ocean as their main mission.

COA_IanOwenIan Owen, Board Treasurer
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Ian Owen grew up in a coastal town of Aberavon, in South Wales and started his career in the Royal Navy, earning an electrical and electronic engineering degree. Ian has worked for technology and engineering companies specializing in sub-sea and naval engineering and training, simulation systems, and has held a number of leadership positions in program management roles. He has a Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Royal Navy (UK). In the twenty (20) years since leaving the Navy Ian has held a number of leadership positions in program management for technology and engineering companies specializing in training and simulation systems, and sub-sea and naval systems. Ian is currently a Senior Program Manager at Sonos, leading programs focused on developing Demonstration and Display systems and the Launch of new speaker designs. Prior to Sonos Ian has worked on underwater robots at Bluefin Robotics, the Ocean Observatories Initiative at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and other program leadership roles at Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. Ian has a passion for helping the environment and wildlife, as demonstrated by a commendation received from the UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) when he helped set up and run an oiled bird rescue and rehabilitation center in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War. Ian has actively advocated for environmental causes and groups, including Save the Bay and more recently Clean Ocean Access Ian has been actively involved in the core programs for several years and has played a significant role in the organizational readiness of transforming the organization into a non-profit. Ian moved to the USA in 2007 and lives with his wife Michelle in Jamestown. He has two grown sons. His other interests include surfing, snowboarding, fishing, running, power yoga, rugby (watching) and has on several occasions been seen at Fenway Park.

COA_MonicaDeAngelisMonica DeAngelis, Board Secretary
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Monica DeAngelis has been actively involved with Clean Ocean Access activities specifically the cliff walk repairs project, outreach and education, special events, and fostering partnerships. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of New Hampshire (1994) and a Master of Science Degree in Biology from San Diego State University (2000). She is currently employed with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Marine Fisheries Service, West Coast Regional Office, as a Marine Mammal Biologist. She has worked for NOAA for twenty (20) years and in her current role since 2003. Her current responsibilities include the implementation of the Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act within the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Marine Fisheries Service’s (NMFS) West Coast Regions’ jurisdiction, developing educational brochures for whales and pinnipeds in California, assisting with allocation of annual marine mammal budget funds. She is a member of the Public Outreach Committee and Protected Resources Division and the representative at National/local outreach events as well as the back-up stranding coordinator for sea turtles and marine mammals and back-up marine mammal observer. Monica is a scientific advisor to the American Cetacean Society. She was born and raised in Newport and although she currently lives with her family in California, she still has strong ties to Aquidneck Island. She is passionate about educating people about the environment, especially children, so they can teach others about the importance of clean healthy oceans.  You can typically find her stand up paddle boarding on the ocean closest to her.

COA_ElaineAmaralElaine Amaral, Board Member
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Elaine Amaral came to Newport in the 70s as a military dependent with her parents and three siblings. Captivated by Narragansett Bay and the natural beauty of Aquidneck Island, she chose to make Newport her lifelong home base.  She received a Master’s degree in Science Education from URI and have been teaching Physics, Earth Science and Oceanography at Portsmouth High School since 1993. Intrigued by COA’s beach clean ups and other proactive environmental activities, she invited Dave McLaughlin and Marty Casey to share COA’s vision with her students approximately seven years ago. Excited and eager to be a part of such a positive process, her students have participated in beach clean ups ever since. She gets positively giddy whenever she gets the chance to frolic in the water. Free diving, boogey boarding, and poking around in tide pools are some of her favorite ways to get my happiness on. She is also a certified diver and love to be under water as often as she can. She is honored to serve on the Board of Directors of COA as this organization moves forward to expand its goals while embracing its mission to preserve the coastal environment for generations to come.

Annie Becker, Board Member
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Annie Becker sailed into Newport on a boat and never left. After years of living and working on and around the ocean aboard private yachts, for America’s Cup teams and the US Sailing Team, she settled in Newport in 2000. She learned about Aquidneck Island and its natural resources working as the Director of Development for the Aquidneck Land Trust. Annie has a BS in Statistics and Finance from Syracuse University. A Relator since 2005, she appreciates the importance of a healthy environment to the diverse populations who enjoy our coastlines. Annie brings combined experiences from thousands of miles of offshore sailing, work in the environmental and non-profit fields, and a strong personal connection to the outdoors and the marine environment to COA’s mission.

COA_JimmyFlynnJimmy Flynn, Board Member
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Jimmy Flynn has spent most of his life on the water, growing up in the coastal town of Juneau, Alaska followed by a 30 year career in the United States Coast Guard. Jimmy retired in 2011 and moved to Rhode Island where he attended Roger Williams University, receiving his Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology. Jimmy currently works as the operations manager at INSPIRE Environmental, specializing in sediment profile imagery. His interest in marine biology grew while he was involved in arctic research aboard the Coast Guard’s newest polar icebreaker and research vessel CG Cutter Healy. His passion for surfing and standup paddle-boarding brought him to Aquidneck’s local beaches where he was introduced to the programs run by Clean Ocean Access. Jimmy has been involved with Clean Ocean Access since 2013 alongside his wife Darcy. He joined the board of directors in 2015 and is the secretary of the Grants committee. Jimmy also volunteers at the Save the Bay aquarium. He and his wife reside in Middletown, and have a daughter who attends the Community College of Rhode Island.

Ashley Barey, Board Member
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Ashley grew up on the Connecticut shoreline and spent summers on the Charlestown and Narragansett beaches. Her grandmother steeped in her the love of the ocean, sailing, digging quahogs and built in her an environmental awareness as an active volunteer for Save the Bay.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English & Education from Southern Connecticut State College and a Master of Arts in Business Management from Colorado State University, and is PMP certified since 2008. Although her career in software and resorts took her to the mountains of Montana, Washington and Colorado the ocean has always been home. Before moving to Newport with her partner Chad, a yacht captain hailing from Exeter, Ashley has been an avid environmental volunteer most recently with the Boulder Mountain Bike Assoc.  She has also helped organizations get more organized using her software and project management skill set.  Ashley started volunteering for COA last year and believes that she should leave the same kind of legacy as her grandmother, one of stewardship of our oceans so that everyone can enjoy them for generations to come.

Abigail (Abby) Burrows, Board Member
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Abby Burrows is relatively new to Newport, RI, Abby quickly found COA and eagerly dove in to supporting it’s mission and programs. Her love for the water began in Michigan where she grew up enjoying activities on Lake St. Clair with her family and friends. She has a BA in Geography from Syracuse University (2002) and a Certificate of Education for the Environment and Community from IslandWood and the University of Washington Extension Program in Seattle, Washington (2004). Professionally she has strong experience in education research, evaluation and organizational work and will be supporting COA as a member of the newly formed Program Committee.