Our Vision:

A healthy ocean that is free of marine debris with water that is safe for all ocean activities and a shoreline that is accessible to the public.

Our Mission:

Action today so future generations can enjoy ocean activities.

Our Goals:

CLEAN: Eliminating marine debris from the shoreline and changing human behavior to improve ocean health

OCEAN: Improving water quality for permanent year-round clean water from healthy watersheds to marine ecosystems

ACCESS: Working to protect, preserve and maintain shoreline access for residents and visitors

Our Bylaws:

The Board of Directors approved the bylaws on February 11, 2014. To obtain a copy please send email to secretary. We expect to make minor revisions to the bylaws as well as adopting numerous policies as the organization evolves. Our goal is to have complete transparency and accountability and operate with the highest moral and ethical standards while providing metrics based on tangible results of performing our charitable services.

Our Policies:

  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Compensation Policy
  • Anti Discrimination Policy
  • Records Retention and Destruction Policy
  • Whistle blower Policy
  • Board Member Compensation Policy
  • Advance Notice Policy
  • Donor Privacy Policy
  • Board Member listed on website Policy
  • Expenditure Policy

Non-profit Status:

Clean Ocean Access is a not-for-profit organization. All donations to Clean Ocean Access after February 20, 2014 are fully tax-deductible by the IRS code 501(C)3. Click here to view our federal tax exempt letter.