Simple Ways – Reduce Pesticide Use

A beautiful garden is a source of pride for any person who considers themselves gardeners. But when disease or insects attack that garden, it seems that the only reasonable solution is to use pesticides. But, have you considered the affect the quality of human health, the environment, and organisms that come in target with the chemicals? Before exposing your garden and yourself to pesticides consider alternative solutions to common garden and lawn issues. When buying plants for your garden inquire if they are prone to disease or insect problems. If they are, investigate if there are pest-resistant varieties that you should buy instead. The more diverse your garden there is less of a chance that you’ll run into pest problems. Pests are drawn to a single plant species and do not usually occur when there is a broad range of species. Another benefit from a diverse garden is that the wide variety of plants will entice beneficial insects into the landscape and some of those insects will prey upon pests harming your garden. The most important question to ask yourself when debating the use of pesticides is: is it really warranted? Does this issue really pose a serious health threat to your plants or is it simply a minor cosmetic problem?