Simply avoid unintentionally littering with balloons

The Aquidneck Island Trash Skimmers, made possible by funding from 11th Hour Racing, have removed 90 balloons from the ocean since June 5, 2017. Of those 90 balloons, 75 were removed by the two Newport Harbor Trash Skimmers! Balloons generally serve their purpose within 24 hours, but they have a lifespan of multiple years. Balloons are the evil twin of plastic bags and marine animals mistake balloons for food, causing serious harm and even starvation.

One simple way to improve ocean health is to stop using balloons so you don’t unintentionally litter the environment with helium balloons! Consider decorations such as paper banners, reusable flags, or pinwheels that turn in the wind.

To show your support for no more balloon releases in the city of Newport, you are welcome to sign this petition.