In Portsmouth, Clean Ocean Access monitors 17 locations where we serve to protect, preserve, and maintain public access to the shoreline to afford people the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities such as sailing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, surfing or walking along the shoreline.

Our flexible public access monitoring program observes any encroachment or obstruction to public rights of way leading to the coastline. We monitor erosion, trash and debris, vandalism, eco-systems, and the presence of people at each location.

Volunteers who monitor a designated location twice monthly will record this information on a simple form to be given back to Clean Ocean Access. This program was designed based on our fundamental belief that solutions for environmental issues start with connecting people with nature and inspiring actionable small steps to improve the quality of life.

If you or a friend would like to become involved in Clean Ocean Access’ flexible public access monitoring program, please feel free to stop by our office in Middletown at 23 Johnnycake Hill Rd, or please contact us via e-mail!