Results from coastline cleanup at Brenton Point State Park

Our Brenton Point State Park cleanup event on Ocean Drive was a huge success. The weather was near freezing, and the wind was bone chilling as it blew off the ocean, but 60 dedicated volunteers managed to gather and remove 413 pounds of debris from the park.

The cleanup took place primarily along the shoreline from Brenton Point to Kings Beach. Volunteers also walked along the parking lot and boundaries of the State Park to remove trash. Considering the wind factor on Saturday, the debris was somewhat easy to remove from the environment, as it was entangled in bushes and branches.

Since 2012, Clean Ocean Access has hosted six cleanup events at Brenton Point State Park, and removed a total of 3,794 pounds of debris from this location with a collective effort from over 500 volunteers. These efforts have had a lasting impact on the coastal environment at Brenton Point, initially reducing large debris items that have not re-accumulated over the years.

After the cleanup on Saturday, it became apparent that food wrappers, bottle caps and other small personal trash items are an issue, as there is still a significant presence of this debris around the park.

Marine debris cleanup efforts are crucial for maintaining the cleanliness of the coastal environment. Education will likely influence positive behaviors toward the environment, and respectively decrease the amount of re-accumulating debris so future generations can enjoy ocean activities.