Burma Road Marine Debris Solutions Lifecycle Project

2015_1_10_composite 2015_01_10_summary_chartClean Ocean Access (COA) performed a coastal cleanup at Burma Road near Greene Lane, Middletown Rhode Island on January 10th 2015 where 16 people removed 1,089 pounds of small to medium size marine debris as part of the Marine Debris Solutions Lifecycle Project (MDSLP) program. One team covered the roadway and removed hundreds of small items that were blowing in the wind and heading to the ocean during the next wind shift, another team scoured the bushes and removed a large amount of bottles and bags, while two teams focused on very small coves on the coastline that contained huge amounts of plastics, bottles and fishing gear. Everyone worked together and removed several tires, a mattress, box spring, pistachio colored toilet, a broken desk, metal drums, car parts and shingles. If we had twice as many people we would have found twice as much stuff!