2008-2017 Water Quality Monitoring Report

The Clean Ocean Access year-round weekly water quality monitoring program is a citizen science based initiative aimed to directly empower the community to provide monitoring data for use in decision making and effective remediation of pollutants. Clean Ocean Access collected 4,309 water samples on a weekly basis at several popular swimming locations and likely sources areas for Enterococci from January 2008 to December 2017. Check out our detailed report HERE!

Overall, the water quality along the shoreline of Aquidneck Island and in the watershed has improved. Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers who make this program possible and take samples every Thursday year-round.

Weekly Watershed Water Quality

Check out our weekly watershed results from July 14th. You will notice there is no data for two of the locations. This is due to lack of precipitation causing these two locations to dry out. You will also notice there is a particularly high phosphorus count at Bailey Brook. This could be due to excessive fertilizer runoff or urban runoff. A few ways that you can help reduce phosphorus pollution is by using phosphorus-free fertilizer on your lawn and gardens and sweeping your grass clippings or keeping them on your lawn instead of blowing them onto the streets and sidewalks.

North Kingstown Bag Ban

We look forward to sharing the Aquidneck Island momentum and attending the North Kingstown Town Council meeting tonight at 7 p.m. We encourage all North Kingstown residents to attend and support a local ordinance to eliminate single use plastic bags.

Weekly Watershed Results!

Weekly watershed results are in! Reach out TODAY to become a citizen scientist and get involved in one of our water quality testing programs!


Weekly Ocean Results

Weekly Ocean Results! If you’re interested in getting involved in our ocean program and learning how to take water samples reach out to us today at info@cleanoceanaccess.org to get involved and become a citizen scientist!