Swim to Skim – Celebrate Shoreline Access

What is the point of a clean ocean if everyone doesn’t have the access to enjoy it? Clean Ocean Access started back in 2006 to ensure shoreline access for everyone to enjoy ocean activities. Join us in celebrating Newports accessible coastline and SIGN UP TODAY for our 5th Annual Newport Harbor Swim Event in Perrotti Park on July 8th.


Swim to Skim

Celebrate Improved Water Quality at our 2018 Swim to Skim

Our 5th Annual Newport Harbor Swim Event is just around the corner! Join us in celebrating improved water quality in the Newport Harbor and sign up today! The graph you see here analyzes the water quality of Newport Harbor over a long period of time demonstrated improved water quality at Kings Park Swim Area over the past 9 years. To learn more about our water quality research in Newport visit our 2008-2017 Water Quality Monitoring Summary Here !


Watershed Results

Weekly watershed results are in! Some of you may notice that our graph this week is missing data for the Oliphant Lane location. This is due to a combination of lack of precipitation as well as the built infrastructure of Aquidneck Island that causes less detention and infiltration of our water. Going forward, it is important that we consider green infrastructure to enhance the natural water cycle and quality of our water.

Celebrate our Marina Trash Skimmers

Sign up today for our Swim to Skim event on July 8th and help support our investments in education and stewardship with our marina trash skimmers at Perrotti Park! Our trash skimmers work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to remove trash and pollutants from our harbor and waterways!